Companies throughout IT are increasingly relying on right-to-hire staffing solutions rather than traditional employment offers. And while this approach might not be the best in all situations, it is an alternative you should consider implementing. Here’s why:

Observe a Candidate’s Skills

No matter how carefully you vet a candidate, there is really no accurate way to measure their skill set until you see it in action. A right-to-hire staffing solution lets you actually assign a candidate projects and then analyze their abilities and work ethic before you make them a formal offer of employment. Regardless of whether they impress or disappoint, you can take the next step feeling confident that it’s the right one.

Evaluate a Candidate’s Culture Fit

You can’t really tell if a candidate is a good fit for your company culture until they spend some time in the midst of that culture. A right-to-hire strategy makes that possible. Once candidates start participating in meetings, working on teams, and spending 40 hours a week in your office, you can get a reasonably accurate picture of whether or not they share your mission and values. That makes it easy to weed out potentially bad apples before they have a negative impact.

Give the Candidate Flexibility

It creates major hassles for you company when you hire someone, onboard them, and assign them responsibilities only to have them quit a year or two down the road. Switching to a right-to-hire solution is one way to resolve this issue. This approach lets you evaluate a candidate, and lets the candidate evaluate your company. It it’s not a place they feel they can grow or thrive, they can confidently turn down your job offer before it has major consequences for your organization.

Define the Best Role

A right-to-hire strategy lets you bring talented IT professionals into the orbit of your company before you have completely defined the role that they will fill. Once they are on the job, you can evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in the context of your needs, and tailor an appropriate position and compensation package around them. That introduces some flexibility and dynamism into your recruitment process that would be missing otherwise.

So, it a right-to-hire staffing solution right for your company? Remember that it’s not an all-or-nothing proposition. You can use it as just one piece of your larger recruitment strategy. If you would like to explore this option in further depth, contact one of the workforce optimization experts at RennerBrown.

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