The irony of IT is that it’s not very self reflective. It offer tools to analyze, automate, and monitor every conceivable aspect of a business, but the IT itself often goes unconsidered. Nexthink closes that gap by offering a sophisticated end-user IT analytics platform that improves security and ITSM, while enabling workplace transformation. Discover all that Nexthink has to offer, and decide if it’s a tool your IT department should be using.

IT Optimization

Most features of an IT infrastructure are necessary, but some are significantly more important than others. Nexthink monitors the entire infrastructure to show you what hardware, software, and endpoints get used the most and which get used the least. That empowers you to make smarter decisions about how you build, refresh, and configure the IT infrastructure so that you can keep costs in check while optimizing performance.

Nimble Problem Solving

When there is a problem with your IT infrastructure, it’s easy to see the impact but a lot harder to find the cause and solution. Nexthink automatically detects a deviation from the norm and delivers you data collected from all the affected areas. That makes it much easier to root out the cause of the problem and resolve more of the effects before they they compromise the capabilities of the user base.

Informed Project Planning

IT initiatives are notorious for going over budget and off schedule. The omniscient view afforded by Nexthink makes it much easier to plan and execute these projects based on sound insights. Problems get noticed and resolved faster, and goals better reflect the actual capabilities of the technology and team.

Realistic Readiness Assessment

Companies that are considering a move towards virtualized machines can use Nexthink to better plan and evaluate the transformation. It is quick and easy to generate realistic readiness reports and capacity planning assessments. That eliminates the kinds of costly assumptions that so often derail these kinds of deployments.

Megatrend Assistance

Three trends in IT are so disruptive that they have been termed megatrends – BYOD, the cloud, and mobile computing. In each case these megatrends create tremendous opportunities, but also create huge hassles and open up threatening vulnerabilities for IT departments. Nexthink serves as management and monitoring tool that can help to mitigate these risks while maximizing the rewards.

The effects of Nexthink are immediate and pervasive. Companies that implement this solution often discover problems and opportunities within their IT infrastructure that seem glaring, they simply didn’t have the tools to see them. So ask yourself, how much do you really know about your IT? If the answer is not enough, let RennerBrown help introduce you to all the benefits of Nexthink. Contact us for a free consultation.

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