Business today is inextricably linked to technology. Unfortunately, reaping the benefits of today’s best hardware and software creates a huge management challenge. And when IT is not managed properly, the costs skyrocket while the returns plummet.

Bigger businesses have the resources to build large, professional IT teams capable of troubleshooting any issue and deploying any solution. But for smaller businesses, bringing on the necessary staff is prohibitive for lots of reasons. That’s why more of these businesses are turning to outsourced managed IT services.

Letting an outside IT team handle things like desktop management lowers the cost of IT while improving the efficiency and productivity of the tech solutions small businesses rely on. RennerBrown has developed a desktop management offering that frees up small, growing businesses to focus on the core of their operation instead of on IT. Learn what’s involved, and decide if it’s a solution your businesses is missing.

  • Asset/Inventory Tracking – Keep track of every component in the IT infrastructure to extend their lifecycle and reduce hardware costs.
  • Provisioning – Prepare the network to provide the maximum number of capabilities to the entire user base.
  • Decommissioning – Remove aging, ineffective technology from the infrastructure without creating performance problems.
  • Support – Get answers and assistance on demand.
  • Application Deployment – Reduce deployment times and ensure that applications work perfectly starting on day one.
  • Operating System Migrations – Move from one system to another efficiently, effectively, and carefully.
  • Administering User Rights and Permissions – Boost the security of the entire infrastructure and prevent common causes of data breaches.
  • Security – Handle the always-important, ever-growing challenge of securing IT from sophisticated threats.
  • Patch Management – Keep all applications constantly up to date for better security and performance.
  • Virus and Spyware Prevention and Elimination – Stop hackers and other threats before they access financial data and proprietary information.
  • Identification and Elimination of Unauthorized Applications – Root out malicious applications before they have an impact on operations
  • Reducing or Eliminating Application Conflicts – Ensure that all applications work in concert for optimized performance.
  • License Monitoring – Avoid contractual conflicts and guarantee that mission-critical applications are always available.

Even if you are a small business, it could take a team of three-to-five people to handle all these desktop management requirements. That is a major new staffing cost, and even then your IT department might face problems. The easy solution is to partner with a managed IT services provider that can manage this process with an eye on reliability, optimization, and cost-effectiveness. If you would like to explore this strategy in depth, contact the team at RennerBrown.

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