What is a staffing and IT management partner? It is a specialized firm uniquely equipped to help you overcome your staffing challenges and introduce cost-effective IT solutions. Less like outsourcing and more like consulting, these partners help companies manage some of their most persistent and pesky problems while turning obstacles into opportunities. And, in practice, adding one of these partners to the mix is a smart option for businesses of all sizes and across industries. Here’s why.


Staffing is an ongoing challenge for most businesses. The goal is to find the best available talent the minute they become necessary, but too often companies search for months or longer only to settle on a less-than-stellar applicant. This process is expensive, often leads to projects going past deadline or over-budget, and requires an alarming amount of institutional resources. All to deliver disappointing results.

Staffing partners work to streamline the recruitment process while improving the outcome. Their sole responsibility is to establish varied pools of talented IT professionals, and then connect those professionals with staffing partners as soon as their services are needed. Companies spend less time searching, waste fewer resources vetting candidates, and end up with some of the top talent in the job market. That turns staffing into a strategic asset

IT Management

All of today’s businesses are wholly dependent on IT. But precisely because it is so essential, it requires massive amounts of resources to properly manage and monitor it. Many IT teams spend the majority of their time simply keeping things at square one, time that could be better spent developing ambitious and innovative new uses for technology.

With an IT management partner, the burden of upkeep is shifted off of the company. Some of the most cumbersome aspects of IT management, from acquisition to decommissioning and everything in between, are handled by an off-site team that understands your business and your technology as well as you do. That improves outcomes while freeing your IT staff up to focus on projects that actually make the company money.

RennerBrown is one of the few firms that can serve as both a staffing partner and an IT management partner at the same. This proves to be an asset for companies because they can make staffing decisions based on their growth strategy rather than their need to hold ground already gained. It has a transformative effect while delivering a built-in ROI. Contact one of our consultants to begin exploring this option in depth.

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