The Microsoft landscape of business tools is bigger, more varied, and more exciting than it has ever been before. In recent years, Microsoft has gone from the company that everyone relies on, to the company that everyone wants to rely on. Picking the right solutions and deploying them in a manner that serves the interests of your business is much easier with a Certified Microsoft Partner on your side.

RennerBrown has been one of these partners for over two decades, and we have helped a huge range of businesses make the most of the available Microsoft technologies. These are the areas where we have specialized expertise:

Desktop Deployment Planning Services

Designed for deployments of Microsoft Office 365, Office, and the Windows operating system, this service is designed to speed up deployment times, minimize the impact on IT, and improve the ultimate outcome. Consultants provide planning, analysis, and technical assistance though every step in the process, and can get your company ready for a cloud-based desktop environment. If your company utilizes Office of Windows, make sure they are deployed as effectively as possible.

Network Infrastructure

Your business depends on the free flow of data. If this flow is compromised in any way, it seriously affects your ability to do business. That necessitates a carefully designed network and an even more carefully built network.  Working with a network infrastructure expert can help you analyze the needs of your business, evaluate those in the context of the available resources, and commit to an infrastructure design that will serve you over the long term.

Small Business

The IT needs of small business are different from their larger counterparts, but no less meaningful or complex. Working with a Microsoft small business specialist helps growing entrepreneurs select affordable technologies, pick solutions that will scale with the company, and introduce features that enhance productivity, efficiency, and collaboration. These specialists are also available to lead training sessions and to provide ongoing support to businesses with limited in-house IT teams. Small businesses get the technical support they need, without having to pay for a high-dollar consultant eager to introduce a one-size-fits-all solution.

The reason that Microsoft is enjoying something of a resurgence right now is because the company is building intuitive, user-centric technologies designed with the real needs of business in mind. If you are ready to switch to Microsoft, or get more out of the Microsoft technologies you are already using, contact RennerBrown.

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