Windows is still the preferred operating system in the office of 2015. But as many companies are discovering, new and evolving technologies are incompatible with older versions of windows, necessitating a large-scale migration effort.

The scope and consequence of a migration like this is significant, even at smaller businesses. And if not handled carefully, it can leave IT in turmoil. That’s why companies of all sizes and throughout industries are relying on managed Windows OS migration from a trusted IT partner. Here are a few of the primary benefits of this strategy:

Relieve the Burden on Your IT Staff

OS migrations take a huge amount of input from administrators. Even if you have a small company or a large IT staff, executing one of these projects can stretch your resources thin. Not only are your staff overworked, they are typically too preoccupied to work on anything else, leaving your IT vulnerable in other ways. Opting for a managed Windows OS migration instead relieves this burden, and lets your staff focus on other pressing issues.

Ensure a Better Outcome

An OS migration is an uncommon occurrence. It may have been a decade or more since you went though one, and your IT staff could be rusty about the process. Passing off the duties to a team that handles these migrations all the time, knows how many variables need to be planned for and monitored, and understands which metrics to focus on to analyze the success of the migration produces better outcomes in the end. Why not leave this process up to someone with expertise?

Minimize the Stress on Your Existing IT

The effects of an OS migration ripple throughout your entire IT infrastructure. If the process is not handled carefully, key parts of your mission-critical IT could be offline for hours, days, or even longer. That seriously compromises your ability to do business, and turns your upgrade into a setback. A managed Windows OS migration can help you keep more of this IT online throughout the migration process and sidestep the issues that commonly compromise performance.

Customize Your Migration

An OS migration is not a one-size-fits-all process. The way the migration is handled must be tailored to your existing IT and your goals for that IT in the future. One of the biggest advantages of a managed Windows OS migration is that it can optimize the OS you ultimately end up with. Migration consultants will work with you to determine your present and future needs, then design and execute a migration plan tailored to your strategic goals.

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