In addition to being a leading IT staffing firm, the team here at RennerBrown offers a suite of IT lifecycle management services. These services are designed to help companies who want to avoid a major investment in an in-house IT brain-trust still make the most of their mission-critical business technologies. If you fall into this category, or you simply want to handle IT lifecycle management in a more focused way, here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Lower Your IT Costs

IT is a significant but necessary expense. If your costs have become out of control, however, we can help you rein them in and keep them in check with services like IT asset tracking and lifecycle asset management. These services give you the top-down perspective you need to prioritize your IT costs and identify any areas of waste.

Enhance Your IT Security

Cyber security has to be a priority for any business these days. As recent high-profile breaches have shown, even minor problems can have major consequences, and almost everyone is more vulnerable than they realize. We can assist you with your desktop security practices so that your whole staff utilizes IT in a way that minimizes the impact of advanced threats. It only takes one mistake to put your data at risk.

Improve Your IT Performance

If your technology is not serving your IT as well as it could, we can help you introduce desktop management toolsets for software distribution, patch management, and virtualization. Through these automated processes, you ensure every one of your machines is fully optimized.

Lower Your IT Burden

We mentioned earlier that there are many companies that don’t have the resources to properly manage their IT, or simply don’t have the inclination. After all, every business is dependent on IT, but only a fraction of them are actually focused on IT. By partnering with an IT lifecycle management provider like RennerBrown, you can spend more time on the core of your business and less time worrying about tech issues. You realize all the benefits mentioned above while at the same time being able to make IT less of a priority. For many small and mid-sized businesses, that is an intriguing prospect.

If you think IT lifecycle management could be an asset where you work, speak directly with a consultant from RennerBrown and let us explore your specific problems/solutions together. We can then tailor an approach designed specifically to meet your needs. Contact us to get the process started.

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