The purpose of a resume is to convince the hiring manager that you are the most highly qualified candidate for the job. Tailor your resume to show specifically how your skills and experience fit into the vacant position and the organization as a whole. Further demonstrate your abilities with solid examples and a professional demeanor in the interview to increase your chance of landing the role.

Focus on the Job Description

Before the interview, carefully read over the job description to determine exactly which qualities the position demands. Tailor your credentials to that position as closely as possible. When you enter the interview, you can frame yourself as a candidate who is perfectly suited to thrive in the position.

Emphasize Your Motivation

Hiring managers worry not just about hiring, but also retention. Will the position be just challenging enough without being overwhelming? Employees tend to be happiest in roles that stretch their abilities just a little. Stress how excited you are about the position and the company, and how eager you are to learn and make a long-term contribution to the organization.

Stress Your Loyalty

Candidates who are not engaged tend to have one foot out the door at all times – looking for a chance to jump ship at the first opportunity. Emphasize with specific examples how you have shown loyalty to previous employers and looked for opportunities for professional and personal development in every position you’ve held.

Contextualize Your Credentials

If you have credentials that may not be required for the position, but are sure to prove useful, convince the interviewer of their relevance. Research how you can bring value to the company with your specific experience. Find out where the business is headed and what kind of issues they are facing. Then frame yourself as a candidate who will play an important role moving forward.

Come With the Right Attitude

You can overcome a lot of interviewer uncertainty just in the way your present yourself. Never enter an interview with a sense of entitlement or present yourself as some who “deserves” the job. By being gracious, humble, and showing real enthusiasm for the opportunity at hand, you can show what an asset you will be to the organization.

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