Virtualization has revolutionized the way we make use of IT. Increasingly, companies are virtualizing not just hardware but applications as well. This represents a drastically different way of doing things from the administrative side, but the actual user notices little (if any) change at all.

Applications virtualization is just one of the IT operations management solutions offered by the team at RennerBrown. We have seen firsthand how much of a transformative effect it can have on a business and an IT department. But is it right for your business? Consider these benefits:

Optimize Your IT

Once applications are virtualized they are run off of the server, and files are stored there as well. That frees up a lot of storage space and processing power that you can use for other things. Without making any kind of significant outlay, you have optimized each one of your workstations.

Reduce Applications Conflicts

If you are like many companies, you use multiple versions of the same application. That often creates nagging conflicts and forces you to set aside dedicated workstations for each application version. When those applications are virtualized, you can run multiple versions simultaneously from any networked computer and not worry about issues arising.

Use Your Applications for Longer

When you update your operating systems, they are often incompatible with older, legacy applications.  By running your operating systems at the server level, you can continue to use those older applications and spare yourself the time and expense of making a change.

Use Your Hardware for Longer

Newer applications typically have requirements for RAM, processing power, and storage space that exceed the capabilities of older machines. When you run those new applications through the server, you can continue to use your older machines – rather than scrapping them entirely.

Deploy a New Application Faster

In a traditional IT strategy, deploying a new application was a time- and labor-intensive process that sapped away the resources of your IT team. But when you virtualize your applications, they can be deployed almost instantaneously and with a modest amount of input. It’s an easy way to operate with the speed and efficiency your business requires.

Update Your Applications Efficiently

Deploying your old applications was a challenge. Keeping them updated was a nightmare. When those applications are virtualized, you only need to add a patch or update at the server level and that enhanced version is available to every computer on the network.

So, is applications virtualization something that could benefit you business? Explore this option in more depth by contacting the IT staffing and solutions team at RennerBrown.

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