If you have recently been extended a job offer, congratulations! The job search process can be long and grueling, and you likely put in a lot of time and work to rise above so many other candidates. But before you accept there are some important factors you need to consider to determine if this is a job you really want to work at:

The People You Will Work With

No job is worth it if you can’t stand your boss and co-workers. Hopefully, at this late stage in the process, you’ve managed to meet some of them. Are these people you can see yourself collaborating and sharing space with on a daily basis?

The Type of Organization

Large corporations, mid-sized companies, small businesses, and nonprofits are all very different types of environments. What type do you want to be working in now, and 10 years from now? Have you received an offer from an organization you respect and are engaged by, or do you think you will grow to resent your work? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, what kind of advancement potential is there?

The Benefits You’re Offered

Benefits packages very widely, in terms of both quality and components. Examine the one included in your job offer carefully and determine if it meets your needs and the needs of people who depend on you. Will you have the medical coverage you need? Have any interesting perks been included, like tuition reimbursement or travel allowances?

The Stability of the Company

Just because a company is hiring doesn’t mean they are on firm footing. And there are few things more demoralizing than looking for a job, finding one, and then getting laid off in a few years’ time. Carefully research the company and determine if they are stable enough to work for over the long term.

The Money You’ll Make

The simple fact is that you go to work to make money. But money is not necessarily the most important factor to consider. For instance, if you make a large salary doing a job you hate, is it really worth years of your life? Conversely, if you get a job offer from a company that excites you, but accepting it will not allow you to maintain your standard of living, it may only be a source of stress.

The Feeling You Have in Your Gut

When you got the job offer, what was your very first reaction – excitement or resignation? You probably know already if this job is a good fit for you or not. Don’t be afraid to follow that instinct, even if it seems to defy logic.

Whether you decide to accept or decline the job offer, this is just another step on your career journey. Find resources and support to help you at every step by working with the experienced IT staffing team at RennerBrown.

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