Separating the great from the good is an ongoing challenge in IT recruiting. Lots of impressive talent likely populates your candidate pool, but it’s your job to find the very best of the bunch using the limited resources at your disposal. Make your job a little bit easier by looking for these characteristics that distinguish the top IT candidates.

  • Curiosity – The best IT professionals are always looking for ways to be innovative. In order to look past the old and constantly embrace the new, they must be curious.
  • Clear Thinking – Solving complex problems and working within byzantine systems requires IT professionals to be able to think clearly and apply sound logic.
  • Reading Comprehension – IT work requires a lot more reading than many realize. Top candidates can read quickly, carefully, and retain more information over the long term.
  • Attention to Detail – Small details can have huge impacts. Nothing is lost on top candidates, and they understand which details really matter and which are of little consequence.
  • Quick Learner – The pace of change in IT specifically and business generally is breakneck. That ‘s why IT professionals must be able to pick up new skills/aptitudes quickly, and be able to engage with subjects that don’t necessarily interest them.
  • Self Starter – This characteristic is closely related to the previous one. Having an ever-evolving skill set is essential, but it’s often up to the individual to seek out learning opportunities independent from the company. Some will be able to motivate themselves, while others may not.
  • Passion – When things go wrong, when deadlines are fast approaching, and when innovation is required, it is the passionate IT professionals who will rise to the occasion. Everyone else will be satisfied meeting the minimum requirements.
  • Adaptability – IT initiatives rarely finish in the same form they started in. Being able to adapt as things change and retain focus on end goals – even in times of great flux – is a critical characteristic.
  • Communication Skills – Being able to effectively communicate in all forms, to all types of audiences is a trait that the best IT professionals share. They also prove to be equally great listeners.
  • Manageability – IT professionals are a notoriously independent group. This can be a positive trait, but in order to thrive in a corporate environment, these professionals need to be able to take directions and follow the lead of a manager. People who always operate as rogues rarely succeed over the long term.

These are the characteristics to look out for, but how do you honestly evaluate whether a candidate does or does not have them? Discover ways to refine and enhance the way you vet IT candidates by consulting with RennerBrown.

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