Due to improvements in technology and the need to make the recruiting process more efficient, it’s now fairly common for companies to hold video interviews. Even if you have not participated in one before, you should expect to participate in a video interview in the future. Below, we have put together a list of tips that can help anyone improve their performance in a video interview.

  • Clear the Room – Always hold your interview in a space you can control (no coffee shops). Before the interview, make sure that the room is free of distractions. Turn off your phone, separate pets in another room, and make sure the windows are closed.
  • Use a Blank Wall – The best background is a blank wall. The occasion of your video interview is no time to try and highlight your tastes in interior decorating.
  • Dress Appropriately – Like in any interview, you will want to dress professionally during your video interview. Avoid the surprisingly common mistake of only dressing professionally from the waist up – you never know when you will have to stand up.
  • Prepare Your Computer – Streaming video can eat up a lot of computing power. Make sure you don’t encounter problems by closing down all programs except for the ones you need for the interview. And since your word processor will be closed, print out any notes you may want to reference.
  • Focus on Posture – Many desk chairs encourage you to be comfortable, rather than professional. Avoid slouching by sitting on a stool or hard-backed chair.
  • Adjust the Height – Your camera should be positioned at eye level. Many people use laptop cameras that are positioned below them, giving them an unnecessarily intimidating look during the interview.
  • Make Eye Contact – A common mistake is to look at the screen, rather than the camera. This makes you appear distracted and disengaged. Spend some time before the interview practicing looking at the camera exclusively.
  • Turn on a Light – The room you choose should be bright and well lit. Then you should put a lamp or light behind the camera to illuminate the front of your face and eliminate shadows.
  • Pour Some Water – You will want to have a glass of water within arm’s reach in case you go hoarse. Resist the temptation to hold the glass/bottle in your lap.
  • Find the Mute Button – No matter how well you prepare, the unexpected can happen at any time. Find out how to mute your video conferencing software, just in case.

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