The largest companies in the world have been reaping the benefits of modern desktop virtualization for years now. But this is no longer an IT solution that is limited to major corporations or tech-heavy enterprises. In fact, all business – regardless of size or industry – can reap immediate and significant rewards by implementing a desktop virtualization solution. Consider these benefits, and decide for yourself if modern desktop virtualization is a tool you’re missing.

Institute Secure BYOD Capabilities

The advantages of BYOD are well acknowledged in terms of both cost and convenience. The problem is that when everyone is using their own devices there is no standardized safety protocol – opening up troubling vulnerabilities. Modern desktop virtualization allows you to create a universal computing environment that is configured with safeguards and protocols overseen by a single administrator. That way, you can embrace BYOD without worrying about data security.

Streamline Your Desktop Environments

In a conventional IT model, each desktop environment must be separately configured. That requires a significant time investment, and opens up the risk of inconsistencies. Modern desktop virtualization allows your IT staff to create a single desktop environment that is automatically accessible from each individual terminal. When it’s necessary to make changes, they are automatically applied to every machine.

Simplify IT Maintenance

Even more time-consuming than setting up individual desktop environments is keeping them updated. In many businesses, this is a full-time job. When you make the switch to a modem visualized desktop environment, you only have to update one machine to keep your entire desktop infrastructure up-to-date. That frees your IT staff up to focus on larger, revenue-generating projects, instead of routine maintenance.

Eliminate Common Security Problems

When each of your users has control over their own desktop environment, they can download files and configure settings in a way that puts your entire IT infrastructure at risk. Working from a standardized environment allows you to put protocols and safety measures in place that ensure no single user can introduce viruses or malware to the network.

Lower Overall IT Costs

Embracing a modern virtualized desktop environment opens up a number of areas for cost savings. Since you need less maintenance, you can reduce the size of your IT staff, or focus their efforts on more productive projects. The cost of software licensing drops significantly, and you spend less time trying to deal with security issues and downtimes. Far from being an added cost, desktop virtualization creates the opportunity to economize your entire IT infrastructure.

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