Businesses constantly strive to streamline their processes.  Can we eliminate inefficient processes? Operate with fewer people? Consume fewer resources? The answer to these questions could be yes, if you implement an IT automation process to streamline your processes and optimize the use of your resources. Begin by understanding what you should automate and why.

What can you eliminate?

Don’t automate redundant processes. There is no advantage to finding more efficient methods of performing tasks that don’t need to be done in the first place. Your first action should be to put together a cross-functional team to identify critical processes that could benefit from automation and eliminate redundancies.

What can you move to the cloud?

By virtualizing your data, you can reduce the hardware, software and human resources your organization requires. Cloud storage keeps your data both secure and accessible. Backing up your data to the cloud makes disaster recovery much simpler and allows your organization to operate globally.

What are the benefits of IT Automation?

Reduce payroll expenses. Why pay expensive techs to perform simple tasks? Automate password management, diagnostics and upgrades. Your most highly skilled (read: expensive) people should be focused on your most complex projects. Or lower your overhead by bringing in specialized contractors only when you need them.

Lower the cost of IT operations. By automating technologies you reduce human error and increase the speed at which many functions can be performed. You can do more with fewer resources.  By incorporating IT automation and the cloud, you can optimize resources, enhance security and improve data recovery.

Make big data a big asset. Companies compile massive amounts of data – more data than can reasonably be managed by any number of technical employees.  Automate these processes to leverage data effectively and integrate it into your current systems.

Scale to demand. Whether your organization is in flux or growth mode, you can scale your network to adapt to changing business demands.

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