When a recruiter calls, you may be tempted to dismiss it as a sales call. This would be a mistake, because working with a recruiter is a mutually beneficial relationship. Sure the recruiter gets some compensation for their services, but it is usually far less than the money you save on recruiting and make from effective hiring. Before you let that call go to voicemail, consider some of the most significant benefits of working with a recruiter:

Connect with Top Talent

Every hire is an urgent hire. When you can’t afford to bring someone into the mix that has uncertain credentials and a spotty character, a recruiter can connect with higher-caliber candidates overall. Since they get to know your company thoroughly and spend much of their time analyzing the pool of available talent, they are uniquely equipped to connect you with someone capable of making an immediate impact.

Focus on Your Core Competencies

If you are like many small businesses and midsize companies, you have limited HR resources. And when you are in the midst of a recruiting process, those resources are stretched thin, forcing you to neglect other initiatives. By leaving the most time- and labor-intensive aspects of staffing up to a recruiter, you can redirect your resources to more productive pursuits and focus your efforts on what your enterprise does best.

Save Time and Money

At the very least the recruiting process is time and labor intensive, and in some instances, it can be quite expensive too. That doesn’t even account for the money you lose by redirecting resources to recruiting. The cost of working with a recruiter tends to be far less than what you would spend in-house. And as your staffing strategies begin to evolve, you may be able to realize major cost benefits over the long term.

Fill Your Vacancies Faster

Whether trying to make a replacement hire, or staff up in advance of a new project, having a piece missing from your workforce puts you in a position of vulnerability. That can motivate you to make a rushed hiring decision which only compounds the problem further. A recruiter can expedite the hiring process while ensuring you only connect with quality candidates. It takes a lot less time to get back to full strength.

Your staff may be at 100 percent right now, but you should still take the recruiter’s call. The best time to form a partnership is before you actually need to make a hire. That way, when the need does arise, your recruiter has all the resources necessary to find you the best candidates faster and for less. Learn more by contacting the team at RennerBrown.

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