Hiring has never been easy, but the particular challenges that HR departments face constantly change with the times. Many employers are having historic difficulties meeting staffing challenges right now, creating issues that ripple throughout an organization. The first step to overcoming this persistent obstacle is to understand just what’s making hiring so hard right now. Do any of these challenges look familiar?


  • Recruiting is More Complicated Than Ever


The advance of big data has now filtered into recruiting, and many employers now use complicated metrics and advanced ranking systems to create a hierarchy of candidates. The goal is to reveal the best candidate in the bunch, but a lack of consensus over what metrics to focus on and how to gather accurate information means that this data-driven process often creates more confusion than clarity.


  • Candidates Are Looking for More from Employment


Today’s employees are looking to partner with an organization rather than simply accept a job. This is especially true for top talent that has more choices for employment. Companies that do not try to brand themselves and their employment experience in a way that grabs attention and inspires enthusiasm often struggle to attract qualified talent in a timely manner.


  • The Candidate Pool Lacks Necessary Skills


As the depth and breadth of technology filter further into every aspect of business, companies have come to rely on candidates with very specific and quickly evolving skills. In many instances there is simply not a big enough supply of qualified candidates to meet the demand. That forces employers to either enter into a bidding war for talent, or to operate with a workforce that is less than complete.


  • Passive Candidates Are More Defensive


The classic solution to many recruiting woes was to find a qualified candidate employed elsewhere, and then make him an offer that he couldn’t refuse. Many recruiters are now finding that these passive candidates are more resistant to outside job offers and often ignore recruiters when they reach out. In short, the strategies for connecting with this proven talent are no longer working.


  • The Job Search Landscape is Changing


The Internet replaced classified ads, and now the mobile Internet is replacing the traditional Web. Job seekers are eager to connect with potential employers on mobile platforms, but many employers have no platform to offer or one that is so underwhelming it deters applicants.

Don’t expect the causes of your recruitment woes to go away anytime soon. Focus your attention, instead, on solutions that work. Partnering with a specialized staffing firm can help you connect with a larger pool of more impressive talent faster. When there is a gap on your workforce, you have the resources at your disposal to close it fast. Before you need to make your next hire, have a conversation with the team at RennerBrown.

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