RennerBrown recently celebrated its 20th anniversary of providing IT staffing and consulting services. In that time, we have grown from a small, relatively anonymous firm into one of the most active and well respected in the industry and Northeast region. We credit a lot of things with that success, but nothing more so than our singular RennerBrown vision. Everything we do displays a commitment to three core principles, each designed to serve our clients and partners better. Here’s how those principles work in action.


People are what determine success or failure in IT. It doesn’t matter if you have a limitless budget and all the latest technologies, if your IT team lacks the requisite skills and experience, your business is going to suffer. Our commitment to people is two-fold. First, we locate the best IT talent out there and connect them with opportunities where they are poised to thrive personally and professionally. Second, we work closely with our partners to learn their business, goals, and culture. Then we use that knowledge to introduce them to candidates who can make a big impact fast. We work with people, not employees and employers.


IT requires a systematic approach. Without clear goals and a precise plan of action in place, initiatives quickly run over budgets, past deadlines, and below expectations. That is why expertise in the process of IT is so important. RennerBrown works with a team of expert IT consultants who have a perfect understanding of IT lifecycle management. Our team can help you plan, implement, and manage your project from start to finish, seizing opportunities as they present themselves and side-stepping the inevitable pitfalls and setbacks. Our approach makes it easy to turn an idea into an asset.


Considering how mission critical IT is to today’s enterprises, no one can afford to rely on technologies that overpromise and underperform. It is far too easy to overpay for hardware and software that does less than you expected and works poorly at best. In the same way that you need to have the right team at your disposal, you need to put the right tools in their hands. At RennerBrown, we work closely with vendors across the IT spectrum. Thanks to those partnerships, we can ensure that you get the right technology at the best possible price. Turn your IT budget into a surefire investment.

These are more than just buzzwords. We remain committed to the RennerBrown vision because we’ve seen the kind of impact it has in practice. Job seekers, hiring managers, and IT leaders all benefit from the wealth of resources we have to offer. Count on the RennerBrown vision to help you do everything better. Contact us today.

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