How Can Modern Desktop Virtualization Benefit Your Business?

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The largest companies in the world have been reaping the benefits of modern desktop virtualization for years now. But this is no longer an IT solution that is limited to major corporations or tech-heavy enterprises. In fact, all business – regardless of size or industry – can reap immediate and significant rewards by implementing a… Read more »

IT Lifecycle Management

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In addition to being a leading IT staffing firm, the team here at RennerBrown offers a suite of IT lifecycle management services. These services are designed to help companies who want to avoid a major investment in an in-house IT brain-trust still make the most of their mission-critical business technologies. If you fall into this… Read more »

IT Operations: Windows OS Migration

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Windows is still the preferred operating system in the office of 2015. But as many companies are discovering, new and evolving technologies are incompatible with older versions of windows, necessitating a large-scale migration effort. The scope and consequence of a migration like this is significant, even at smaller businesses. And if not handled carefully, it… Read more »

Technology Tools for the Future: Microsoft

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The Microsoft landscape of business tools is bigger, more varied, and more exciting than it has ever been before. In recent years, Microsoft has gone from the company that everyone relies on, to the company that everyone wants to rely on. Picking the right solutions and deploying them in a manner that serves the interests… Read more »

Technology Tools for the Future: Firescope

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You understand how important IT is to your business. Unfortunately, calculating the exact ROI delivered by the technologies your rely on is historically difficult. Your know (or assume) that they are delivering value, but is it as much as you had planned for, and could the numbers be improved? For too long, it was almost… Read more »