The RennerBrown Vision

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RennerBrown recently celebrated its 20th anniversary of providing IT staffing and consulting services. In that time, we have grown from a small, relatively anonymous firm into one of the most active and well respected in the industry and Northeast region. We credit a lot of things with that success, but nothing more so than our… Read more »

LANDesk CSA Enhancements

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In Part One of our CSA Enhancement series, we will discuss how to repair broken links in your LANDesk Cloud Services Appliance. Frequently the reason for link breakage is that the link is not a secure https address, but an http. Technically this break could be repaired by simply adding an ā€sā€ to the link,… Read more »

How Can Modern Desktop Virtualization Benefit Your Business?

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The largest companies in the world have been reaping the benefits of modern desktop virtualization for years now. But this is no longer an IT solution that is limited to major corporations or tech-heavy enterprises. In fact, all business ā€“ regardless of size or industry ā€“ can reap immediate and significant rewards by implementing a… Read more »

IT Operations: Windows OS Migration

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Windows is still the preferred operating system in the office of 2015. But as many companies are discovering, new and evolving technologies are incompatible with older versions of windows, necessitating a large-scale migration effort. The scope and consequence of a migration like this is significant, even at smaller businesses. And if not handled carefully, it… Read more »

Nexthink Case Study: Princeton Healthcare System

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Princeton HealthCare System selected Nexthink to provide real-time visibility and IT analytics on the usage of its IT infrastructure. Princeton HealthCare System’s goal is to ensure its end-user interfaces are healthy and properly equipped. With Nexthink, they are able to provide the high quality services that patients have come to expect from them. The Challenge… Read more »

Is Right-to-Hire the Best Staffing Solution for You?

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Companies throughout IT are increasingly relying on right-to-hire staffing solutions rather than traditional employment offers. And while this approach might not be the best in all situations, it is an alternative you should consider implementing. Here’s why: Observe a Candidate’s Skills No matter how carefully you vet a candidate, there is really no accurate way… Read more »

How is the IT Skills Gap Affecting Your Company?

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The conversation surrounding IT employment in recent years has focused primarily on the skills gap that is plaguing companies throughout the industry. Despite their best efforts, companies are missing required talent and struggling to find qualified professionals to fill the holes. What is less talked about, however, it just how deeply this skills gap affects… Read more »