How Much Money Does it Cost to Work with RennerBrown?

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It costs nothing for job seekers to work with RennerBrown. Nothing at the beginning; nothing at the end; and nothing at any point during the process. We make money from employers by successfully connecting them with talent like you. That means you’re the best asset we have, and we’re eager to offer our job placement… Read more »

Characteristics of a Top IT Candidate

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Separating the great from the good is an ongoing challenge in IT recruiting. Lots of impressive talent likely populates your candidate pool, but it’s your job to find the very best of the bunch using the limited resources at your disposal. Make your job a little bit easier by looking for these characteristics that distinguish… Read more »

Important Factors to Consider When Accepting a Job Offer

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If you have recently been extended a job offer, congratulations! The job search process can be long and grueling, and you likely put in a lot of time and work to rise above so many other candidates. But before you accept there are some important factors you need to consider to determine if this is… Read more »