The Importance of Work-Life Balance in IT

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It’s kind of a stereotype in IT – the overworked, overstressed professional who is working 60+ hours on the job, eating mostly out of vending machines, and spending the occasional night sleeping on a company couch. If you haven’t been this person, yourself you’ve probably worked with someone similar. This example underscores the importance of… Read more »

The Cost of Making a Wrong Hiring Decision

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Effective recruiting is an important part of your overall business strategy. But to fully understand just what kind of impact it has, you need to understand the cost of making a wrong hiring decision. In addition to impacting your bottom line, a bad hire can have the following consequences. Workforce Disruptions The exact reason someone… Read more »

IT Operations: Windows OS Migration

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Windows is still the preferred operating system in the office of 2015. But as many companies are discovering, new and evolving technologies are incompatible with older versions of windows, necessitating a large-scale migration effort. The scope and consequence of a migration like this is significant, even at smaller businesses. And if not handled carefully, it… Read more »