Is Workplace Competition Healthy?

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Frequently, people think workplace competitions are confined to numbers-driven departments such as sales or call centers – places where there are metrics that can be easily tracked. But does competition have its place throughout the organization? And is it healthy? It can be if managed correctly. One of the most important factors is to consider… Read more »

How to Master a Video Interview

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Due to improvements in technology and the need to make the recruiting process more efficient, it’s now fairly common for companies to hold video interviews. Even if you have not participated in one before, you should expect to participate in a video interview in the future. Below, we have put together a list of tips… Read more »

Technology Tools for the Future: Firescope

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You understand how important IT is to your business. Unfortunately, calculating the exact ROI delivered by the technologies your rely on is historically difficult. Your know (or assume) that they are delivering value, but is it as much as you had planned for, and could the numbers be improved? For too long, it was almost… Read more »