When you need a single solution to handle your core IT management challenges, LANDESK rises to the occasion. This subtly sophisticated solution helps you simplify your infrastructure, lower your costs, improve your outcomes, and introduce true strategic agility. Learn how it impacts each facet of IT management, and decide for yourself if it’s a tool your company is missing.

Systems Management

The ever-growing complexity of IT systems makes having a single management interface a must-have resource. The LANDESK management suite helps you track your IT inventory, stay current with licensing agreements, handle your software distribution requirements, and even cut down on your system-wide energy consumption.

Security Management

No matter how well you secure your IT infrastructure, it’s never been as vulnerable as it is right now. The LANDESK security management suite multiplies your level of protection by enabling you to deflect threats, keep your security measures current, stay on top of patches, distribute data encryption, and monitor your entire infrastructure for any signs of weakness or intrusion.

Service Management

Responsive service is essential if you want to get the most out of your expensive, mission-critical IT assets. The LANDESK service management suite simplifies and streamlines the process by integrating social and mobile service delivery methods, powerful monitoring and analysis capabilities, and various self-service strategies to deliver the right fix in less time.

Asset Management

The expansive and distributed scope of today’s IT infrastructures means that managing the constituent assets at a time is a labor-intensive process plagued by bad information. The LANDESK asset management streamlines the process while improving the results by giving stakeholders tools to assess what they have, where it is located, how it is being used, and how it is performing. In practice, this has a major impact on operational expenses.

Mobility Management

Mobile technologies are a tool that no business can afford to forgo. Unfortunately, the challenges of managing mobile technologies in the context of a broader IT infrastructure are significant. The LANDESK mobility management suite solves the problem by allowing you to manage devices and applications, administer policies, and ensure data security – all through a single interface.

LANDESK stands apart from other solutions thanks to its flexibility, versatility, and comprehensive approach. The technology is powerful enough to address any issue, and customizable enough to adapt to any company. If you are ready to introduce LANDESK to your enterprise, let RennerBrown help you manage the implementation process. Contact one of our consultants at your convenience.

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