Case Studies

Our client list and level of client satisfaction speaks for itself. RennerBrown has been on a steady growth path since our founding in 1995 because we focus on two important points: the skill of our associates, and the satisfaction of our clients. Our solutions and our people save you money while increasing efficiency and security.


In 2009, this regional market had nearly 17,000 employees and sales exceeding $6 billion. We were hired to help with their security, PCI compliance, desktop management, personnel staffing, LANDesk support, and more.Wawa hired RennerBrown for a long-term consulting engagement focused on managing and securing their store and corporate infrastructure to ensure PCI compliance.

PCI Compliance stands for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and is a set of requirements designed to ensure that all companies process, store, and transmit credit card information in a secure environment. Any merchant that has a Merchant ID (MID) must comply with this requirement.

With 17,000 employees, approximately 600 retail locations, and sales exceeding $6 billion, WaWa needed a solution that could be implemented across their stores without disrupting existing services.

RennerBrown found the right tool set for Wawa’s needs, LANDesk! We ensured that these security measures were implemented efficiently and effectively by leveraging LANDesk’s functionality, focusing in the following areas:

  • Host Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Malware
  • Patch Management
  • Application Blocking
  • Connection Control Manager
  • Audit and Compliance Enforcement
  • Remote location security management through a gateway device
  • IT Inventory and Asset Management
  • Software Licensing Monitoring
  • Software Distribution
  • Power Management

The LANDesk solutions that RennerBrown implemented allowed Wawa to become compliant with PCI DSS regulations, without sacrificing efficiency or risking any downtime in their stores or their corporate offices. Along with the correct process and technology, RennerBrown provided personnel on a temp to perm basis to assist WaWa with their planned resource needs based on growth.

The New York Times

RennerBrown has been working with the New York Times since 2002, and we have been intimately involved with helping them manage:

    • Resources Management
    • Technical support for their printing operations
    • UAT (user acceptance testing) for their new AD Portal
    • Decommissioning old resources and services for an outdated printing facility
    • Technical support for their classified advertising call center

For a news organization like the New York Times, keeping an eye on the bottom line is very important. To help improve their financial performance they were looking to have an outside firm manage both their resource needs and some of the more technical aspects of how they interface with their audience.

  • Recruiting and Screening
  • Hiring / Training
  • Coaching and Counseling
  • Benefits Administration
  • Associate Relations and Performance Management

We also became a strategic partner who assisted in providing technical support services to printing operations including:

  • Wire guided AGVS (automated guided vehicle) system development and integration
  • Support of all printing presses and controls including PLC’s and all computer based devices involved in the transmission and printing of news
  • Provided UAT (user acceptance testing) process and resources for the new AD Portal including support for a separately owned entity in Boston
  • Provided decommissioning resources and services for a printing facility
  • Provided call center consulting (process and automation based on technology) to the classified advertising group

We enable the New York Times to focus on their core business while we deal with many of the resource and technical challenges facing them. The outcome provides numerous opportunities where they can save money in the long term, not disrupt their current operations, and have lasting and cost-effective solutions in place that will serve their continued growth.With thousands of employees spanning the world, The New York Times Corporation hired RennerBrown to help with resource employment.

Major Phamaceutical Company

This pharmaceutical company retained RennerBrown to help with full lifecycle management, LANDesk support, and other key consultation services.PharmacyThis mid- sized pharmaceutical company was formerly owned by Akzo Nobel. We helped implement complex solutions, provided complete XP migration services, and deployed LANDesk Management Suite to all corporate employees and their remote sales force.

Our Staffing Services provided temp to perm staffing of IT support personnel while providing process consulting and long term contract resources to staff their help desk. Additional consulting helped to convert their help desk to a service desk, including all metrics and monitoring of service level agreements (SLA’s).

The XP migration services RennerBrown performed included an automated solution to provide unmanned upgrades of computers based on Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE, also known as Pre-Execution Environment; sometimes pronounced “pixie”) – which is an environment to boot computers using a network interface independently of data storage devices (like hard disks) or installed operating systems. These unmanned upgrades save time and money, and can ensure a more seamless implementation of updates that both protect data and enhance security.

We helped to identify and implement LANDesk Management Suite (LDMS) to all of the internal corporate employees and remote sales force. This solution integrated the full life-cycle computer process into their service desk, which automated deployment, upgrades, support, patching and maintenance, inventory, and compliance (software) of all computers.

Englewood Hospital

We were retained to help with IT staffing, asset and inventory management, security, LANDesk implementation, and CREDANT data encryption.MedicalRennerBrown provided a complete infrastructure assessment of the hospital’s technologies and processes. In an effort to secure and more efficiently manage the hospital’s computing environment, RennerBrown implemented LANDesk Management Suite, Security Suite, Hard Drive encryption, and provided full recruiting services. From people to software, we helped the hospital find the right solution to help it function more efficiently and profitably.

RennerBrown performed a robust analysis and discovery of Englewood Hospital & Medical Center’s (EHMC) infrastructure. The results of which allowed them to optimize their equipment while identifying what areas were at most risk, based on what role it had in the functioning of the hospital.

We deployed LANDesk Management Suite (LDMS) to all hospital desktops and remote devices. This integrated the full lifecycle computer process into their service desk, which automated deployment, upgrades, support, patching and maintenance, inventory, and compliance (software) of all computers. This automation improved the productivity of their own IT staff, and also allowed them to get access to the latest patches and security upgrades without needing a staff to monitor and implement the changes.

RennerBrown also deployed LANDesk Security Suite (LDSS) and Credant disk encryption to ensure all patient records were stored securely in their environment by enabling full endpoint security. This included:

  • Spyware Blocking / Removal
  • Unauthorized Application Blocking
  • Connection Control Manager
  • Antivirus Auditing and Enforcement
  • Host Intrusion Prevention

Lastly, RennerBrown provided both temporary and permanent direct hire recruiting services for their information technology resources. We did this at a technical level and also at a leadership level, providing all the screening, training, and testing of potential employees to ensure a fantastic fit.

Physicians Reciprocal Insurers

This insurance company needed to interact with different physicians using different kinds of computers and operating systems. Our Desktop Virtualization solution saved them time and money.RennerBrown provided several services for this large insurance company that provides medical malpractice insurance for physicians. Their main challenge involved providing bi-annual training to their physicians online. This service provided by PRI allows Doctors to receive training from their homes or their offices. The benefit of reduced overhead came at the expense of complexity. The in-home training required the online training materials to work on virtually any computer in the world. Supporting that diversity of computers and operating systems caused numerous technical challenges, resulting in their call desk being often flooded with calls.

RennerBrown was able to identify the exact nature of the problem, and provide the following cost-effective solutions:

  • Application virtualization services for their Web-based testing applications to validate their physicians’ knowledge of their insurance and liability
  • The virtualization of Web applications removed the variability and inoperability caused by multiple combinations of operating systems and browser versions
  • Each test is now administered via the Web with minimal help desk calls
  • VMware ThinAppTM was the virtualization tool used to reduce errors in their testing process

These solutions enabled Physicians’ Resources to put more attention on their business, and less on the day-to-day operation of their software.

Princeton Healthcare System

Princeton HealthCare System selected Nexthink to provide real-time visibility and IT analytics on the usage of its IT infrastructure. Princeton HealthCare System’s goal is to ensure its end-user interfaces are healthy and properly equipped. With Nexthink, they are able to provide the high quality services that patients have come to expect from them.

The Challenge

Reduce costs while optimizing patient care.

The Princeton HealthCare System IT team supports more than 180 applications across a diverse and disparate workforce of 5,000 employees and affiliates.  Applications include back office and front-end functions, used by patient-facing professionals who work different shifts and are highly mobile.

The Solution

Nexthink IT analytics for security, ITSM and transformation.

A Nexthink presentation by trusted partner RennerBrown demonstrated the real-time visibility and IT analytics offered by Nexthink. Princeton HealthCare System would be better able to serve end-users with real-time analytics and visibility into how IT services are being consumed, the quality of end-user experience, and whether SLAs are being met.

The Result

Princeton HealthCare System is better able to diagnose, track and resolve issues.

Nexthink IT analytics provide accurate feedback and actionable insight that help Princeton HealthCare System know that the support and endpoint management functions align with their business objectives.

Used in conjunction with LANDESK, the additional data from Nexthink IT Analytics provides Princeton HealthCare System the visibility needed to plan and implement change management quickly and efficiently, as well as proactively diagnose and resolve incidents and problems.

Integrated reports and dashboards help the IT team measure efficiency, end-user satisfaction and service delivery objectives, helping them make better decisions in support of better healthcare. The next steps of the project will be to integrate Nexthink with LANDESK.

“Nexthink is the only product that can look at the end-user experience, tell us if there is an issue and correlate the data with that of other end-users,” said Boyle Liu, Manager of IT Services at Princeton HealthCare System. “This is a tremendous benefit in terms of resources saved and improving the image of IT.”

Impressed by Princeton Healthcare System’s results?

Let RennerBrown introduce you to the many benefits of Nexthink and demonstrate how your organization can improve performance, security and manage change.