Finding a new job is never easy. Changing careers can add an additional layer of difficulty. But social media can help you with many aspects of your search and help you establish yourself in your new career. Here are a few methods to use social media to your advantage.

Study the market.

Use LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs to learn more about the industry or functional area you are interested in. Follow target companies on LinkedIn to know when they post new jobs. Examine those postings closely to analyze how your background can be applied to the new position. Note the different titles that may be associated with the same job and look for people holding those titles on LinkedIn. Take a look at their skills and experience to see how yours stacks up. Are you missing any key competencies or can you see a clear path to obtaining a similar position? Do you need to brush up on some skills or add to your education?

Clean up your act.

When you’re not on the hunt for a new opportunity, you may become a little lax about watching what you say or do on social media. Go through all of your accounts and edit or remove posts that don’t show you in the best possible light. Change your LinkedIn profile and any professional accounts to focus on your desired career, not your current one.

Join the conversation

Participate in LinkedIn groups or industry forums that discuss challenges and best practices unique to your target career. Observe for a while to get a feel for the environment and its participants, and then feel free to jump in with questions or contributions. Consider posing a succinct question such as “How would a person with an X degree and experience in Z make a career change to position Z?” You may be surprised how many people would be willing to help out or make introductions.

Career change can be daunting, but the right partner can make it a little easier. The career specialists at RennerBrown will be with you every step of the way, helping you tweak your resume, answer tough interview questions and find the right opportunities. Take the first step toward your new career and contact us today.

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