LANDESK Management Suite is getting a long-awaited overhaul with LDMS 2016. The suite includes the latest release of Workspaces, which includes End User, IT Analyst, Asset Manager and Security Workspaces, and the newly introduced Workspaces for Security Admin. This is the latest upgrade in LANDESK’s technologies that help businesses manage, protect and service the devices on their networks. Here’s an overview of some key upgraded features:

Unified Endpoint Management

Provides unified endpoint management that enables users to seamlessly gather device-related data, assess status in network environments and deliver appropriate software to each platform.

Expanded Workspaces

Streamlines device management without impacting end users. This version improves and expands functionality of the Workspaces platform and offers a clean, simple user interface.

LANDESK Workspaces for Security Admin

Security Suite 2016 introduces LANDESK Workspaces for the Security Admin. It simplifies security and IT operations interconnectivity by providing a view into the security of devices on the network. It helps to prioritize remediation needs and allows admins to identify vulnerabilities or see where patches may be required.

Automated Rollout Projects

Automates the rollout process of software projects of any size including new deployments, upgrades and patching.

Secure Mobile Email, Application Wrapping, Secure Mobile Browser

Delivers advanced mobile technologies, including secure mobile email, which allows users to securely access corporate email including attachments from personal mobile devices.

For more about these new and enhanced offerings, please visit the LANDESK website.

To learn what this release means for your business, contact the experts at RennerBrown. We provide the resources and support businesses need to remain competitive in an ever-evolving technical environment.

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