It costs nothing for job seekers to work with RennerBrown. Nothing at the beginning; nothing at the end; and nothing at any point during the process. We make money from employers by successfully connecting them with talent like you. That means you’re the best asset we have, and we’re eager to offer our job placement and career coaching services free of charge. If that is not reason enough, consider a few other benefits of working with RennerBrown:

  • Industry Connections – We specialize in IT employment. If you are a technical professional, we have the inside track into some of the most exciting and prestigious companies in industries across IT.
  • Less Competition – When we decide to recommend someone like you for a job, you’re part of a very small list of qualified candidates that we submit. You are automatically entered into the most exclusive pool of candidates and have a lot less competition to face.
  • Job Coaching – Your resume, cover letter, and interview performance are essential components of your job search. We will work closely with you to make sure that each aspect is carefully polished and designed to make you stand out.
  • Exclusive Jobs – Many of the companies we work with contact us before they publicly post a job vacancy. You have access to opportunities that none of your peers are able to find.
  • Discreet Search – If you currently have a job but would like to find something new, there are potential penalties if your current employer finds out. We can help you conduct a discreet job search and handle a lot of the heavy lifting while you’re still working 40+ hours a week.
  • Employer Preference – Our track record speaks for itself, which is why we are in such good standing with our clients. When we make a recommendation, it carries a lot of weight. You improve your professional standing simply by affiliating yourself with us.
  • Scheduling Options – We have opportunities available for contract, part- and full-time work. If you are interested in moving from one type of opportunity to another, we make it easy to explore new avenues.
  • Professional Development – Your credentials may not be adequate for where you want to be in your career now or in the future. We can provide you with expert guidance so you focus your professional development efforts in the right direction.
  • Salary Negotiations – Our team serves as your advocate during the salary negotiation process. You can feel confident you’re getting the best compensation offer available.

Are you ready to pay nothing and start working with RennerBrown? If so, contact our IT recruiting team today!

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