How Much Money Does it Cost to Work with RennerBrown?

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It costs nothing for job seekers to work with RennerBrown. Nothing at the beginning; nothing at the end; and nothing at any point during the process. We make money from employers by successfully connecting them with talent like you. That means you’re the best asset we have, and we’re eager to offer our job placement… Read more »

The Negative Impact of Micromanagement in the IT Industry

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Whether consciously or not, you’ve developed a management style you believe empowers your team to be productive, efficient, collaborative, and innovative. But what if instead of furthering those goals your management style was actually holding all of them back? It’s a troubling thought, but if you are known as a micromanager, it’s likely a reality…. Read more »

What Can You Learn From an Exit Interview?

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An employee’s tenure at your company should start and end with the same feature – an interview. You use the initial interview to determine if they’re a good fit for the job. You use the exit interview to find out why they’re leaving. It is tempting to dismiss the exit interview, especially as it adds… Read more »