In Part One of our CSA Enhancement series, we will discuss how to repair broken links in your LANDesk Cloud Services Appliance. Frequently the reason for link breakage is that the link is not a secure https address, but an http.

Technically this break could be repaired by simply adding an ”s” to the link, but that is a Band-Aid solution and doesn’t actually solve the problem.

A more secure solution, which we detail in this video, is to modify the link itself at the root level.

To manage this you will need a few tools, each of which is available for free.

Firezilla.  An FTO client editor that also works on SFTP port 22.

Notepad. A commonly used text editor, but any similar one will do.

Putty.  An open source terminal emulator which can be used to manage permissions.

In a nutshell, by editing the link at the root level and uploading the modified link to overwrite the incorrect one, you can make the repair correctly and securely.

A couple of caveats:

Before modifying the link, save a copy of the original. Do not modify the original or you will have nothing to revert to in the event of error.

After you have completed the modification, go back in to check that the change has saved correctly.

Most importantly, be sure to go back into Putty to return the CSA to default permission settings once you have successfully completed your changes. Otherwise you have left the appliance open for anyone to make modifications. This is, of course, bad security practice.

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