You understand how important IT is to your business. Unfortunately, calculating the exact ROI delivered by the technologies your rely on is historically difficult. Your know (or assume) that they are delivering value, but is it as much as you had planned for, and could the numbers be improved? For too long, it was almost impossible to answer those questions – but with the introduction of Firescope, companies finally have an effective, intuitive tool to rely on.

Firescope is an IT cost-management software that relies on a cloud-based dashboard. Using big data analytics, companies are empowered to correlate their IT spend with the exact outcomes that it generated. That introduces a level of fiscal oversight that would have been impossible in the past. Learn more about the unique benefits of Firescope and how it can transform the way you manage IT:

  • Align Service with Technology – Get a top down perspective on all the services you offer and all the technologies that support those services, leading to faster root-case analysis and smarter allocation of resources.
  • Enable Global Management – Manage and monitor a globally distributed IT infrastructure though a single centralized dashboard.
  • Monitor by Business Impact – Understand immediately how events and performance will impact your business goals, all through intuitive visual tools.
  • Simplify Management – Monitor your entire IT infrastructure though one interface and utilize intuitive tools for faster discovery of relevant insights.
  • Manage Your Cloud – Rely on Firescope to help you manage your cloud-based assets while enjoying the advantages provided by the platform’s cloud-based architecture.
  • Speed Up Implementation – Introduce an out-of-the-box solution that begins generating actionable insights starting on day one.
  • Utilize Predictive Analysis – Avoid over/under investment in IT by accurately predicting your short, medium, and long-term technology needs and adjusting your spend accordingly.
  • Keep Pace with Growth – Depend on Firescope to help you monitor the evolving character of your enterprise-wide IT infrastructure, and take proactive measures to keep you ahead of the pace of change.

It’s difficult to convey just how transformative this technology is in practice. Companies are understandably leery of introducing yet another piece into an already convoluted IT infrastructure. But Firescope is the rare addition that actually improves organization and oversight while delivering a perspective that is both broad and deep. If your company is struggling to effectively manage IT, or to maximize the investment you’ve made in it, count on Firescope to speed the process along. Contact RennerBrown to discuss a deployment.

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